UV Face range


The brief

Wright Communications was proud to be involved in the launch of NIVEA SUN’s UV Face range, a two-product collection consisting of a BB Cream and a Shine Control product. Wright Communications aimed to highlight several key messages – in particular, that the NIVEA SUN UV Face range has been formulated specially for the face and has highly effective, broad spectrum SPF50, offering fuss-free sun protection year-round.

The Wright approach

Strategy for the launch of this range involved NIVEA conducting large-scale research on the state of sunscreen use in New Zealand, which unfortunately painted a bleak picture. Despite having one of the highest rates of melanoma skin cancer in the world, many New Zealanders do not apply sunscreen at all, some not frequently enough, and most in quantities that are too small. The research was new, informative, interesting and suited to the media, making it a valuable asset. This research was passed to Wright Communications through FORWARD, our affiliate agency in Sydney, and formed the basis of the campaign’s strategy.

Wright Communications used this information to formulate a series of Question & Answer articles, which were pitched to beauty and lifestyle media along with NIVEA’s new UV Face range, which is dedicated to products with easily incorporated, everyday SPF protection.

Engagement of three influencers, as well as a recognised and credible dermatologist, Dr Victoria Scott-Lang commenced, giving voices to the research statistics and increasing the general public’s knowledge on the state of New Zealanders’ relationship with sunscreen. Dr Scott-Lang specifically was used for broadcast interviews on the research NIVEA commissioned, putting a credible face to the statistics and explaining what the effects of our sunscreen misuse do to overall skin cancer rates in New Zealand.

The three influencers selected were chosen based on their authority over the NZ beauty/lifestyle scene – two are Mothers, so talked to the importance of preserving their own skin as well as their children’s. The other influencer, a blogger/makeup fanatic, has a history of championing products with SPF, and is slightly younger that the other two – she spoke to those in the 18-25 age bracket about getting ahead of the aging process through the use of SPF year-round.

The outcome

Excellent content was created by all three influencers, generating good impressions and starting valuable conversations in the comments about the importance of SPF in beauty products, especially starting from a young age.

The Project picked up this pitch and presented key NIVEA SUN research statistics as a bumper and interviewed Dr Victoria Scott-Lang, Consultant Dermatologist.

A huge amount of print and online coverage was received as a result of proactive media pitching, including in VIVA, Supermarket News, INSPO Fitness Journal, NZ Woman’s Weekly, NZ Woman’s Day, and Beautyheaven.

The range continued to picked up by media even post-summer, with its more recent inclusion in beauty articles about the importance of sunscreen year-round.

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