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Lexus New Zealand

The brief

Lexus, Japan’s unique luxury automobile brand wanted to set itself apart in the prestige vehicle market.

The company was keen to engage influencers to showcase its vehicles via social media, but to do it differently than its European rivals. Their influencer had to be somebody who wasn’t going to simply drive the car or SUV and then post a picture on social media every so often.

The Wright approach

Wright Communications’ approach was to recommend the use of Colin Mathura-Jeffree who met Lexus’ criteria of engaging well with his online followers and being relatively well known in New Zealand.

There was just one problem, Colin does not drive and does not hold a driver’s license. But where there is a will, there is a way.

Colin attends many social events, opening nights, launches and other activities, where the spotlight is on celebrities. He arrives at these events in a variety of stunning coupes, cars and SUVs, driven by a chauffeur.

He always experiences amazing and arrives in style in a Lexus.

Colin is considered a style icon of New Zealand fashion and he engages his many followers via Facebook and Instagram on each amazing Lexus he rides in and all the special features of the vehicle.

His photos are always shot as if they are part of a fashion shoot and are not just simply a picture of a car. Colin’s engagement on his social media pages is continually increasing as he is reaching new people who have not followed him in the past.

People are talking to Colin about his involvement with Lexus and what he is doing with the brand as he has not been involved in the motor industry before.

Client satisfaction

Lexus New Zealand’s Senior General Manager Paul Carroll says the partnership with Colin Mathura-Jeffree through Wright Communications has been a productive experience.

"We wanted to disrupt the luxury car market in the social media space. Colin has successfully done that. He has created talkability around our brand from new parts of the market. Colin has had a great impact on Lexus." Paul Carroll
Senior General Manager, Lexus

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