Shiitake’s the Secret

Meadow Mushrooms

The brief

Up until now, Meadow Mushrooms has only produced white buttons, swiss browns and portobellos – but they are now the producer of Shiitake!

Wright Communications were approached to launch this exciting progression for Meadow Mushrooms as an exciting and exotic new addition to Kiwi kitchens.

Having traditionally been known as the secret weapon of Asian cooking, the adaptability and versatility of the exotic shiitake mushroom is lesser known. Wright Communications wanted to share the secret of Shiitake and showcase how a punnet of fresh premium shiitake mushrooms can be a rich and nutritious addition to completely transform the simplest of dishes.

The Wright approach

To introduce Shiitake, Wright Communications developed a teaser media kit for Meadow Mushrooms latest release. These media kits were sent out a week prior to the launch event which garnered curiosity from influencers and media as to what could be coming next.  

The shiitake teaser media kits introduced the theme of “shiitake’s the secret” by sending out a media kit with a selection of the well-loved Meadow Mushroom’s range, including portabellos, swiss button, and white button mushrooms. The shiitake carton was left empty, with the words “Shhh… What’s Next?” written across the top.  Curiosity from influencers and interested media preluded the shiitake launch very well.

To launch shiitake, Wright Communications held an event which was an incredible success. Mushroom-loving influencers and media were shown first-hand how shiitake can easily be incorporated into a variety of dishes and cuisines. Wright Communications wanted to encourage experimentation in the kitchen by showcasing Shiitake as the secret ingredient that would take their cooking to another level.

The event saw that influencers and media were enthusiastically involved in interactive group cooking lessons. Each group were tasked with creating a dish from a variety of cuisines to showcase the versatility of shiitake. The event became a bustling hub of activity amongst the groups which fed off an atmosphere of a friendly competition - thrown in for good measure.  The finishing product of each group saw a delicious banquet of Shiitake Bao buns, Ramen, Pizza and Risotto all beautifully presented by the groups to share amongst themselves.

Celebrity chef Nadia Lim led the event with her extensive knowledge as a food writer and dietitian. The charismatic television personality educated the guests on the health benefits which come from mushrooms and her own cooking tips on incorporating shiitake into meals. The guests also had the opportunity to learn how Meadow Mushrooms grow their shiitake on unique sawdust logs, right here in New Zealand.


The launch of Premium Shiitake Mushrooms was incredibly well-received by influencers and food media.

The teaser media kits played a very important role in paving the way for the launch event to be an exciting reveal. High levels of anticipation were generated amongst influencers and media who had to patiently waiting to discover Meadow Mushrooms great reveal. 

During the event, influencers posted an abundance of stories which followed along with their fast-paced shiitake cooking lessons. The social event saw influencers enthusiastically go on to share the secret of shiitake with their followers, deeming it a delicious addition to shake up a classic recipe.

Wright Communications reached almost 850,000 kiwis for the month of May and Meadow Mushrooms are inevitably set to attract further exciting coverage with shiitake when they arrive on the shelves of local supermarkets in early June.

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