Mittz launch


The brief

Wright Communications was engaged by Healtheries to launch Mittz - a new range of naturally flavoured Chicken and Pizza vegetable oven-baked snacks for Kiwi kids’ lunchboxes.  With a 3-star health rating, Mittz is a more wholesome snack than many of the other options available in the lunchbox aisle. Wright Communications was tasked with communicating the health and taste messages of Mittz, as the macro trend for health and wellness continues to grow in New Zealand.

The Wright approach

Wright Communications engaged micro influencers who would normally purchase Mittz to create content and amplify the reach of the campaign. Media kits were produced containing tote bags with the Mittz logo printed on them allowing their children to colour them in while enjoying their after school Mittz snack. Wright Communications reached out to influencers with children who received the media kits to secure sampling opportunities via their children’s school, sports teams, and other after-school activities. Numerous influencers took Wright Communications up on this offer, providing Mittz with free product sampling and leveraging the influencer’s social media following at the same time. Hundreds of children were able to trial Mittz and influencers shared the success across their social media platforms.

Wright Communications chose Maria Foy as the macro influencer for the Mittz campaign, largely due to the fact that she eats a gluten-free diet (and therefore has a strong following of gluten-free or coeliac individuals) as well as her reputation as one of the most well-known “Mum influencers” in New Zealand. Wright Communications thoroughly briefed Maria Foy to focus on the key messages of health, taste, and the fact that they are coeliac-friendly – appealing specifically to her audience’s interests and purchasing habits.

Media engagement for the Mittz campaign resulted in excellent print and online coverage – with Supermarket News,, EastLife, SOUTH, and Focus magazine all featuring the range in an editorial capacity after receiving the media release and product from Wright Communications. Spreading coverage across social, print, and online platforms ensured that many people were exposed to the range, no matter where they gather their brand news from.

With winter sports in full swing, Wright Communications saw a fantastic opportunity to talk to local sports clubs and provide shipper boxes of Mittz product to distribute throughout the club members. Sports clubs provided Wright Communications with beautiful images of kids enjoying Mittz after their sports games, engaging both the children and parents for no cost other than the product itself.


The launch of Healtheries Mittz was incredibly well-received by influencers, media and the sports clubs involved in the campaign.

Macro influencer Maria Foy went above and beyond the deliverables she was expected to provide, securing excellent engagement within her community and proving how valuable influencers are at connecting their audiences with a product when the alignment between brand and influencer is perfect. 

The media kits were highly interactive and tailored to the children instead of the parents, which meant that children were naturally more likely to be engaged and taste the Mittz themselves.

Product sampling at sports clubs, schools and church groups was an extremely successful method of trial within communities, efficiently reaching the consumer at a very low cost to Healtheries.

Healtheries Mittz gained an impressive reach of 313,000 across print, online and social coverage, far exceeding the campaign’s deliverable expectations.

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