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James & Wells

The brief
James & Wells is a leading New Zealand intellectual property firm.  With experts in both New Zealand and international law on staff, and prospective clients all over the world, the company was keen to increase its online profile through a range of business-to-business social media sites.

The Wright approach

Wright Communications digital expert Amanda Nodder was assigned to the task of building James & Wells a comprehensive social media presence, then training social media 'champions' across the organisation to maintain and build on that presence.

Amanda immediately devised a training solution for the firm's marketing people, involving a training manual and induction session that would introduce the troops to the competitive advantage offered by Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Amanda worked intensively with a group of around a dozen James & Wells solicitors and support staff who were nominated as social media "champions", helping them create strategies to maximise their presence on each site.  These strategies included deciding what information to publish and how to keep it current, establishing thought leadership, and using the sites to scout business and personnel opportunities.

While Amanda was intensively involved in the first stage of establishing the sites and training staff in their use, she was eventually able to step back and allow James & Wells to run with her ideas.

Client Satisfaction

James & Wells marketing manager Jacinta Clark was thrilled with Amanda's work for the firm, in particular the way everyone at the law firm was able to seamlessly incorporate what Amanda had taught them once training was over.

"Amanda's practical 'nuts and bolts' approach was invaluable, especially sharing her clients best practice tips to ensure our successful Go Live social media launch. We really like Wright Communications partnering approach and their team's ability to offer this extra service line and expertise . This augments their proactive PR and communications services which we continue to value and use on a monthly retainer basis." Jacinta Clark
Marketing Manager, James & Wells

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