Kiwi Guardian adventure

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The brief

Wright Communications was tasked with increasing awareness of the Toyota Kiwi Guardian Adventure sites, which are activities in nature around NZ which children are encouraged to complete, after which they can redeem their code for a medal online. The aim of Toyota Kiwi Guardian adventures is to get kids/families out in nature, spending time together so the children grow up with an appreciation for the beautiful environment they’re lucky to have in NZ.

The Wright approach

Influencer engagement was the chosen medium for this campaign, as there seemed no better way to show mass amounts of people the benefits of trying a TKG site than using influencers and their families to role model a “family day out”.

Five influencers were chosen within a specific criterion – they needed to have more than one child within the 5+ age range, as this was the target age range for children visiting TKG sites. Their Instagram presences needed to have a strong family focus, and it would be required that their whole family was available for their content-shooting day.

Wright Communications liaised with influencers directly, as well as through their agents where applicable to create content plans and to approve all TKG-related materials, eg. image and Instagram story captions.

Influencers’ TKG trips were staggered over the course of several months. Toyota supplied each influencer with a vehicle to get them to their destination, as well as TKG merchandise for each of their children – bags, hats, etc. Influencers filmed their content throughout the family’s day out, which made for extremely genuine and heart-warming content. The use of the influencer families showed their followers how getting outside and into nature can be one of the most beneficial and fun ways to bond as a family.

The outcome

The combination of the five influencer’s channels engaged an audience of 85,000. This number is not the same as their added reach – it’s a number that signifies the amount of people who watched, liked, or commented on the influencer’s posts. To know that 85,000 pairs of eyes – not to mention, pairs of eyes with similar interests to our family-focussed influencers – saw Toyota Kiwi Guardians content is an extremely valuable insight to have.

Three out of the five influencers were in touch with Wright Communications at the end of the campaign to share that they had received direct messages from a number of their followers saying they’d been inspired to try a TKG adventure as a result of seeing their content.

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