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Hunter Gatherer Gourmet

The Brief
Hunter Gatherer Gourmet is a much-loved and well-established brand of healthier baking mixes, which has a loyal following of customers within the gluten-free and coeliac community. Wright Communications was engaged by Hunter Gatherer Gourmet to expose the brand to a wider audience of New Zealanders within the New Zealand media and influencer space, highlighting the health messages associated with its range, the versatility of the products and working to tell the brand story behind the business.

The Wright Approach
Throughout the three-month campaign for Hunter Gatherer Gourmet, an individual media approach for each month was proposed to diversify coverage and exposure for the brand. The first month was focused on interviewing Julena and telling her story to business and lifestyle media; the second month focused on media kits; and the third month focused on macro influencer engagement and brand partnerships.

Wright Communications focused on building the profile of Hunter Gatherer Gourmet as a business through securing positive media coverage for Julena. Wright Communications interviewed Julena and wrote a profile piece about her, putting a face to the Hunter Gatherer Gourmet business – speaking to her background, the inspiration behind her starting Hunter Gatherer Gourmet, her goals for the business, and some of the sustainability initiatives they have recently implemented. Wright Communications liaised with several journalists and editors to secure coverage in relevant publications. This first step improved creditability of the brand in the media, paving the way for the remainder of the campaign strategy.

Wright Communications spent time sourcing the perfect Hunter Gatherer Gourmet branded bags and oversaw the design of the recipe booklets for the media kits, wrote a media release and constructed a media list, distributing these kits to relevant media and influencer contacts.

Wright Communications engaged macro influencer Melissa Jack to create two lots of content for Hunter Gatherer Gourmet – one protein peanut butter blondie, in which she demonstrated how easy the mixes are to customise, and Feisty Ginger Crunch baked by her sons, showing how kid-friendly and easy the mixes are to make.

Brand collaborations were set up between Barkers of Geraldine, CocoMaNuts, Remarkable Chocolate, Otaika Valley Eggs, Forty Thieves and Cathedral Cove Naturals. This enabled the exposure of Hunter Gatherer Gourmet’s products to a much wider audience – and an audience that are obviously interested in food and baking.

Wright Communications achieved a total reach of 1,567,265 across print, online and social platforms for Hunter Gatherer Gourmet throughout the course of the campaign.

Wright Communications achieved seven pieces of media coverage for Hunter Gatherer Gourmet, with features in FMCG Business, Good magazine, Focus magazine, Hospitality Business, and Wright Communications has also set up editorial opportunities for Hunter Gatherer Gourmet to feature in Capsule, an online lifestyle publication.

Wright Communications achieved 51 total Instagram posts/stories off the back of the Hunter Gatherer Gourmet media kits – a very impressive number of clips, considering only 30 media kits were distributed. The media kits were of an extremely high quality, and were received very positively by the individuals who they were sent to. Many of the influencers took the time to bake with the mixes, showing the results on their Instagram stories and feeds, commenting positively on how delicious they are – and how easy to customise they are.

Melissa Jack’s content received good engagement, given how authentically Hunter Gatherer Gourmet’s products align with her usual lifestyle/eating choices.

Due to the success of the campaign, Hunter Gatherer Gourmet has re-engaged Wright Communications for a Christmas campaign, highlighting a different product and aspects of their business with media, influencers, and the general public.

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