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Meadow Mushrooms

The brief

Meadow Mushrooms approached Wright Communications to provide a solution to the problematic statement that children just don’t like mushrooms! They wanted to entice children to eat Meadow Mushrooms, so they set to work to change the thinking of New Zealand kids by enabling them to grow their own mushrooms.

The Wright approach

Wright Communications decided to create Meadow Mushrooms Growing Kits so as to allow children to be able to grow their own mushrooms at home. As mushroom spores cannot be purchased, this created instant excitement on social media. We knew that if we sent just one growing kit to the influencers’ children, this would create some really nice social media posts but it would not highlight the purpose of the kit. To take this one step further we decided to send them a second growing kit so that their children could take it to school to share the excitement of growing mushrooms with their fellow classmates, this would endorse the campaign messaging. This aligned perfectly with the issue around kids not eating mushrooms. Wright Communications knew that sending a box of compost to influencers was going to be an interesting challenge, so to ensure that the Meadow Mushrooms Growing Kits looked amazing and aligned well with the brand, they replicated the Meadow Mushrooms punnets and included some fun facts about mushrooms on the boxes appealing to kids. Wright Communications carefully selected influencers that had the right school-aged children and connected with them prior to the growing kits being delivered to ensure they were up for the challenge.


The growing kits were incredibly well-received by influencers and their children and they continually posted fantastic images of mushrooms popping up so rapidly. The social media posts included images of kids picking and eating the mushrooms straight from the box, families cooking delicious mushroom recipes and the kids being generally fascinated with how quickly the mushrooms grew.

Within 24 hours of the Meadow Mushroom Growing Kits appearing on influencers social media, Meadow Mushrooms had received hundreds of requests for the kits via a link on their website. A social media post to give away two growing kits, resulted in 36,000 people being reached – instantly sparking more interest.

Although Meadow Mushrooms do not intend to sell the growing kits, they have been inundated with requests from the public and supermarkets asking where the kits can be bought from.

Of course this campaign was always about getting kids to eat mushrooms. Meadow Mushrooms are now distributing growing kits to various schools and education facilities around the country so children can learn how mushrooms grow and allowing them to try them.

Meadow Mushrooms has been able to generate some interesting content to share on their own social media platforms by showcasing the delivery of the kits and sharing some of the wonderful posts from the influencers.

Wright Communications reached well over a million Kiwis in two months and successfully extended the Meadow Mushrooms brand to children.

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