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Lexus New Zealand

The brief

Lexus New Zealand wanted to generate excitement among current and potential new customers by simultaneously unveiling its all-new GS range and its new brand direction specially developed for New Zealand - kokoro wo komete: 'Soul meets machine'. Lexus engaged Wright Communications to gain maximum PR leverage from the Lexus Experience event in May 2012, which included a VIP event, and the first-ever visit to New Zealand of the Lexus LFA million-dollar super car.

The Wright approach

Wright Communications worked with Lexus and its other agency partners to ensure PR was a core part of the overall event plan, and devised a multi-faceted strategy across all media sectors. Central to this was selecting influential media to invite to the VIP event - including lifestyle publication editors and key social page journalists and photographers. The GS launch and the LFA visit were to be leveraged through compelling media releases, backed up by professional media relations with broadcast and print journalists. Post-launch activities involved arranging press drives for select lifestyle media targets which reach Lexus' audience of luxury vehicle buyers.


The LFA's visit was widely covered, from a segment on 3News, to prominent online and print stories in publications such as New Zealand Herald, and M2 Woman. The Lexus Experience event received outstanding social coverage, including a preview in the Herald, post-event content in the Herald on Sunday's 'Spy' pages, and the influential social celebrity website The A List. Lexus' new brand direction featured prominently in key marketing news website StopPress.

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