CSR and Sustainability


The brief

As the largest Quick Service Restaurant in New Zealand, McDonald's employs nearly 10,000 staff, spends about $150 million on goods and services annually and sees about 1.2 million weekly visitors. With a significant environmental and social footprint, McDonald's continues to recognise its role to be a responsible corporate citizen.

In 2015 McDonald's furthered its commitment to being a socially responsible community partner by engaging Wright Communications to develop the Planet Pillar section of the Keepin' it Real Roadmap.

McDonald's sought a strategy and action plan to address waste minimisation, litter (in relation to packaging) and recycling to meet its CSR and sustainability goals for the 'Restaurant of the future'.

McDonald's wanted 'aspirational' bold solutions with specific tangible targets that would drive shared value and demonstrate noticeable customer change.

The Wright approach

Wright Communications undertook a comprehensive competitor audit of key domestic and global QSR competitors looking at CSR strategies and back-of-counter and front-of-counter waste disposal and recycling systems. The team also visited McDonald's restaurants and reviewed product packaging of both McDonald's and its competitors.

Wright Communications researched global best practice to identify systems, processes and solutions that could be implemented in New Zealand, ensuring McDonald's remained a leader in sustainability.

The findings were mapped into a competitor matrix. They were analysed and summarised to highlight trends and innovative solutions. In addition, the team examined social trends in sustainability as they relate to conscious customer demand, product stewardship and economic practicality.


Wright Communications developed a robust strategy and action plan that identified activities and potential partnerships for McDonald's to engage with and embed sustainability into the heart of the organisation. The team delivered designed creative that tied together the findings and concepts.

McDonald's New Zealand now has a clear strategy to minimise waste minimisation, manage litter and encourage recycling, which can be rolled out in modules to franchises.

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