Top tips to generate great PR results

By Wright Communications

PR is not the panacea, but it is hugely effective tool as part of a suite of strategies, and usually much more credible than advertising.

A definitive PR strategy aims to secure specified objectives which contribute to an organisation's long-term goals. But a strategy is impotent without correct and compelling implementation.

There are some effective steps you can employ as an organisation to obtain maximum benefit from your PR activities:

  1. Employ the services of a specialist PR company with a proven track record of achieving great results. And do it early on - too often we are called in at the 11th hour. PR experts can always achieve results, but it is hugely beneficial to be involved as early as possible.
  2. Have well-defined key objectives and messages, and make sure your PR strategy is aligned with those, and is designed to reach all stakeholders.
  3. Set up a 'media' section on your website to offer important information, updates and news about your organisation. Media can source stories here (though your PR firm should have sent them any release first!).
  4. Tell the world about any good news in your organisation - many businesses are socially responsible, for example doing pro-bono work for a charity, but often don't inform the public or media.
  5. Get smart about social media. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn all have great PR potential, but you need to choose the right ones. Some social media platforms will benefit your organisation more than others.
  6. Be proactive about any important accomplishment - product launch, partnership, an award win or industry event participation. These highlight your organisation's vision and success.
  7. Build and nurture relationships with stakeholders, especially media contacts, online and offline. There is nothing like a great personal connection to encourage a positive perception of your organisation.

You may be able to initiate steps 2-7 yourself, but real PR success will probably only be achieved with expert assistance (see step 1).

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