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27 Aug 2018

These are extraordinarily fragile times for the Media – locally and globally. The roles played by the news media, public relations companies and marketing agencies are no longer as…

28 Jun 2018

New Zealand companies are getting much more involved with their stakeholders. That's the standout finding from the 2018 State of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in Australia…

28 Mar 2018

We can all think of small things going wrong that wrecked major endeavours. Like the misplaced permit-to-work certificate on the North Sea Piper Alpha oil rig in 1988 that led to a…

28 Feb 2018

The phrase “generational shift” has become the story of New Zealand politics in recent months with the electoral outbreak of Jacindamania followed reasonably rapidly by the accessi…

25 May 2017

Social media is all the rage, but new research shows traditional media is as important as ever for an organisation’s reputation.

30 Jan 2015

An increasing number of people are getting their information through their devices so we need to change the way we do things - or do we?


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