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The brief

In 2015 there was significant Trans-Tasman discussion on the debate to change the laws on Gluten Free labelling standards from 0ppm to 20ppm (parts per million) in New Zealand and Australia.

Coeliac New Zealand wanted to engage its key stakeholders to gain insight into their perceptions of the organisation, gauge their opinions of the 20ppm discussion and to continue to build relationships with those stakeholders. It engaged Wright Communications to conduct a Stakeholder Perception Audit.

The Wright solution

Wright Communications worked with Coeliac New Zealand to identify the key stakeholders and conducted a Stakeholder Perception Audit with those stakeholders. The audit included interviews and written feedback from stakeholders in New Zealand and Australia.

Wright Communications delivered a comprehensive Stakeholder Perception Audit Report that outlined top line observations and recommendations and provided a Stakeholder Matrix that mapped the results.

The insights gained enabled Coeliac New Zealand to enhance its relationship with its stakeholders and develop informed messaging, magazine articles and position statements around the 20ppm discussion. The findings also informed its stakeholder engagement strategies and other significant activities.

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