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Sustainability no longer a niche proposition

By Nikki Wright - 12 Dec 2013
Sustainability no longer a niche propositionThere are seemingly few big industries that haven't suffered great harm to their reputations in the past few years.
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Cute puppies better than a ‘fire sale’ tweet any day for brand building

By Wright Communications - 10 Oct 2013
Cute puppies better than a ‘fire sale’ tweet any day for brand buildingLet's say you've surfed the net today (in your lunch hour, of course!) and you hit upon, say, ten different sites.
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Put away your rulers

By Nikki Wright - 20 Jun 2013
Put away your rulersThere used to be a time, not that long ago, when every morning, a poor unfortunate sod in a public relations agency would have to collect in all the print publications out that day and search through them for mentions of a client’s company.
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Transforming business from the inside

By Wright Communications - 03 Apr 2013
Transforming business from the insideVery few significant New Zealand businesses need to be convinced that adopting a strategy that ensures they have a positive operating impact for consumers, employees and other stakeholders, as well as the environment, is good business.
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The Social Media minefield

By Wright Communications - 03 Apr 2013
The Social Media minefieldIt is becoming increasingly clear that social media is a double-edged sword for everyone big or small, public or private, business or non-profit.
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Summer Sports: Confessions and cock-ups – A PR perspective.

By Simon Roche - 30 Jan 2013
The question all PR practitioners are being asked around the BBQ this summer: Who would you rather be working for – Lance Armstrong or NZ Cricket.
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Is textish the new English?

By Wright Communications - 31 Oct 2012
As public relations people, words are our building blocks. We pride ourselves in being able to use them creatively and concisely to craft our messages. No doubt many of us shudder at the proliferation of text language and the invasive and pervasive grip it is taking on our language.
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The changing media landscape

By Wright Communications - 19 Sep 2012
Today’s media landscape is continuously changing and as a PR agency we have to keep our finger on the pulse of changes to both traditional media channels and the increasingly developing online environment including social media.
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Tweeting Times

By Wright Communications - 27 Aug 2012
The 2012 Olympics have been dubbed the ‘Twitter Games’ with media reports announcing that the Olympics were awash in Twitter – for better or worse. Within the first four days of the Games, more than 15 million fans and a good percentage of the 10,800 athletes were using Twitter and other social media platforms to follow and share the Olympic experience.
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Gaining maximum PR leverage from awards events

By Wright Communications - 10 Jul 2012
One of the calendar highlights for many organisations is an annual awards celebration event, and this provides a raft of PR opportunities – along with some special challenges which require correct strategies.
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