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Communication: sustainability’s missing link

By Wright Communications - 24 Nov 2016
Communication: sustainability’s missing linkNew Zealand businesses recognise the importance of sustainability, but they need to invest in their communication to get full value from their sustainability programmes.
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Dreamworld: a nightmare crisis

By Wright Communications - 27 Oct 2016
Dreamworld: a nightmare crisisThe tragic quadruple fatality at Dreamworld is a terrible reminder for businesses that numerous small issues, if left untended, can develop into a major crisis.
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Change Communications

By Wright Communications - 22 Aug 2016
Change CommunicationsFor the Internal Comms practitioner, managing the comms around change used to be an occasional task or project.
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Communication key for CEOs

By Wright Communications - 09 Jun 2016
Communication key for CEOsWhat makes a great CEO? Is it ambition, energy, knowledge or ruthlessness? As it turns out, communication is more important than all these attributes, particularly in New Zealand.
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Unique Kiwi attitudes challenge corporates

By Wright Communications - 08 Apr 2016
Unique Kiwi attitudes challenge corporatesNew Zealand companies recognise the importance of corporate reputation, but they need to be aware that Kiwis use unique criteria to judge businesses.
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Consumer confusion over sustainability

By Simon Roche - 11 Nov 2015
Consumer confusion over sustainabilityKiwi businesses need to sharpen their communication on sustainability or miss out on growing consumer interest in the subject, new research has revealed.
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Media turmoil challenging for PR

By Leola Abraham - 03 Nov 2015
Media turmoil challenging for PRJournalists are not the only ones scrambling to keep up with rapid changes in the media landscape, recent shake ups in newsrooms have left those in the public relations industry wondering “where to from here?”
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Embedding CSR - Lessons from Volkswagen

By Dr Leeora Black of ACCSR - 29 Sep 2015
Embedding CSR - Lessons from VolkswagenIn this summary of the recent emissions corruption scandal surrounding Volkswagen (and now Audi and Skoda), Australian Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility (ACCSR) Managing Director Dr Leeora Black questions ratings and rankings based on self-assessment that excludes independent third party verification. She asks why a company would enter such unethical territory and what it all means for chief sustainability officers. Dr Black shares five top tips to help us better embed CSR across our organisations.
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Communication vital to reputation

By Wright Communications - 01 May 2015
Communication vital to reputationIn philosophy there is a well-known thought experiment: “If a tree falls down in the middle of a forest and no-one hears it, does it make a sound?”
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Issue management tricky in online era

By Niko Kloeten - 24 Feb 2015
Issue management tricky in online eraOnce upon a time, activists would promote their causes by chaining themselves to trees or lying in front of bulldozers. Today they can bring down companies with a hashtag.
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